Training at Belle is easy and efficient !

In the 2 days training you will get : certification, full kit, manual and lunch will be provided.

Day 1:  From 9 am to 4 pm : Theory, sanitation, safety , lash mapping, styles, removals, lash anatomy, all nature of the process, business advertising tips,explanation will be perform.

Day 2 : Practice from 9 to 4 you will be required to bring your model.

During the next 3 months if you have any question I will be there to help you.

1 day express training : from 9 to 1 pm theory , safety and sanitation,

1:00 pm lunch 

from 1: 30 to 6 pm practice on a model you must bring.

I  do not require you to have any licenses in order to take this course. Please check your state laws and regulations in regards to working as a lash tech.

2 days training $ 1500 1 on 1 
Please pay $  deposit 750 
1 day training 1 on 1 $ 699
Please pay deposit $ 350